Dixons Cottingley Academy | Year 8 Residential
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Dixons Cottingley Academy

Year 8 Residential

From Monday 27 February 2023 - Friday 3 March 2023, 180 students in Year 8 will participate in our first annual residential to Outward Bound Aberdovey.

What are the outcomes?

The Outcomes from the residential experience are :​

  • ​Increased confidence and improved personal and emotional wellbeing​
  • Improved relationships with others​
  • Increased resilience​
  • Increased confidence in learning​
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of the natural environment​
  • Once in a lifetime experience​

​All of these are transferable skills which will contribute to success within the Academy and for many more years thereafter​

Why the Outward Bound Centre?
  • The Outward Bound Trust was founded in 1941. Since then, they’ve helped over 1.2 million young people to unlock their full potential through their amazing unique approach to learning and adventure in the wild.​
  • Staff at The Outward Bound are extremely experienced and experts in their field. They are the best at what they do!​
  • Outward Bound have taken time and effort to fully understand the Dixons Cottingley values/ethos and how they can reinforce these during the residential trip.​
  • Outward Bound have won numerous awards and accolades and are recognised not just in the UK but also worldwide. (100+ centres across the world)
What should students expect?
  • To feel out of their comfort zone (activities, environment, groupings). Its not a holiday, it’s a learning experience​
  • To work with people who they may not have worked with before - this will help develop key inter-personal and communication skills​
  • To be immersed into the wonders of the outdoors​
  • Have an amazing and ‘potentially’ once in a lifetime fun experience​
  • To face challenges within the wild and overcome these challenges ​
  • To demonstrate the school values of determination, trust and integrity​
  • To learn key skills such as resilience, punctuality and respect that would help them in the wider world beyond school
What Do Students Need to Bring?
  • 2 pairs of trainers (one which can get wet)​
  • Underwear​
  • Pyjamas​
  • Shorts​
  • Hats & gloves (waterproof) ​
  • Towels and swimwear ​
  • Toiletries (toothpaste / toothbrush / shampoo / shower gel / deodorant)​
  • Prescribed medication where necessary


  • T-shirts (not cotton)
  • Long sleeve base layers​
  • Thick walking / ski socks ​
  • Thermal tops / bottoms / tights​
  • Synthetic trousers​
  • Fleece tops ​
  • Lots of layers


  • Casual t-shirts
  • Jeans / joggers
  • Hoody / jumpers
  • Socks
View our residential evening presentation