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Stretch Lectures

Stretch lectures give our students the opportunity to extend their knowledge far beyond the national curriculum. In year 7 and 8 each cycle has a different topic to explore including; humanities, social sciences, science, community and culture. Lectures extend to topics not normally covered in the curriculum, support our students building a broad and deep knowledge base. Each week, students have a lecture delivered to them which has been curated by a subject specialist. Lectures link to students’ Stretch projects which develop students’ autonomy, oracy and love of learning.

Stretch Projects

Each student explores an area of interest within a given theme and exhibit their work to peers, families and the community at the end of each cycle during stretch final day.

During each 13 week cycle, students work independently to research, prepare and practise their presentation. Students have discreet lectures to support them through this process and can seek support from their advisor. Students are expected to spend 60 minutes a week preparing their presentation during weeks 3-8.

During stretch final day, we invite a panel of judges to score the finalists based on a number of stretch standards including the quality and depth of their research; the clarity and organisation of their presentation; and their ability to reflect on their learning and achievement.