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Dixons Cottingley Academy


At Dixons Cottingley Academy participation in co-curricular programmes is as important as academic study. We provide a varied and broad range of co-curricular programmes to enthuse and inspire learning outside of a traditional curriculum.

Each student in year 7 and 8 have access to co-curricular programmes, which run as an 18-week programme, supporting independent choice over their curriculum experience. Students are able to choose 2 programmes across the Academic year to explore and experience a broad, balanced and fulfilling curriculum.

Each week, all students in KS3 spend an afternoon taking part in co-curricular. The co-curricular programmes include; rowing, singing, baking, Young Leaders award, business and enterprise, politics, cobblestone project, dancing, investigating social media, trampolining and extended portrait project. Students electing the arts take part in a showcase event at the end of each programme. Students electing sports take part in a sports showcase at the end of each programme. Each programme creates an artefact to demonstrate progression and learning.

Or co-curricular offer is linked to our student experience offer, which enhances and enriches the academic curriculum in order to provide each student with a sense of purpose so they can achieve excellent results, and are empowered to lead happy, purposeful and successful lives.