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Dixons Cottingley Academy

The academy is now closed for the summer break. We look forward to welcoming Year 7 on Tuesday 30 August and Year 8 - 11 on Wednesday 31 August.

Pastoral Team

The wellbeing of all of our students at DCO is of paramount importance. We have a dedicated team of staff who oversee all aspects of your child’s well being throughout their time at DCO. This team is known as THRIVE and is led by the following members of our senior leadership team:

Mr H Khan – Vice Principal (Behaviour and Culture)

Mr J Heads – Assistant Principal for Attendance / Alternative Provision

Ms K Radford – Assistant Principal for Inclusion (SEN and safeguarding)

Each year group also has a dedicated Director of Year and Assistant Director of Year who will oversee all aspects of your child’s behaviour, attendance, wellbeing and attainment.

Year 7

Ms D Kirton – Director of Year 7

Mr E Iqbal – Assistant Director of Year 7

Year 8 and 9

Miss L Burrows – Director of Year 8 and 9

Mr Z Sidat – Assistant Director of Year 8 and 9

Miss C Heptinstall – Assistant Director of Year 8 and 9

Year 10 and 11

Mrs S Hasan-Arshad – Director of Year 10 and 11

Ms D Hassan - Acting Director of Year 10 and 11

Ms S Kauser – Assistant Director of Year 10 and 11

Communicating with school

In the first instance any concerns/questions/queries should be raised with your child’s form tutor. If this needs to be escalated up, then your child’s Director or Assistant Director of Year will pick this up and will be able to support. Please be aware that staff have busy schedules and may not be able to take calls when around the Academy supporting students. There is a 48 hour response time for any calls received. You can also contact your child’s year team via email at the below addresses:

Mr H Khan -

Mr J Heads -

Ms K Radford -

Ms D Kirton –

Mr E Iqbal –

Miss L Burrows -

Mr Z Sidat-

Miss C Heptinstall -

Mrs S Hasan-Arshad –

Ms D Hassan –

Ms S Kauser -