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Dixons Cottingley Academy

The academy is now closed for the summer break. We look forward to welcoming Year 7 on Tuesday 30 August and Year 8 - 11 on Wednesday 31 August.

Our staff

Leadership Team

Staff Initials




Mr N MileyExecutive Principal
JPAMr J Patterson


IDUMr I DugganVice Principal / Teacher of History
KKNMs K KnightonVice Principal / Teacher of Maths
JCRMrs J CrollaAssistant Principal / Teacher of Performing Arts
HKHMr H KhanAssistant Principal / Teacher of IT
KRAMrs K RadfordAssistant Principal / Teacher of PE
JHEMr J HeadsAssistant Principal / Teacher of PE
PMUMr P MurrayAssistant Principal / Teacher of Science


Miss S IqbalTrust Assistant Principal (Science)
LWHMrs L WhiteOperations and Business Manager
KLAMrs K LaughlinPA to Principal

Teaching Staff

Staff InitialsNameRole
MSA Mrs M Ahmad Teacher of Science
AAL Ms A Ali Head of English
JAL Mrs J Allard Head of Geography
NAS Ms N Aslam Head of MFL
NBA Miss N Bano Teacher of Science
ABA Mrs A Barrett Head of Performing Arts
JBE Mr J Beardmore Teacher of English
JBN Ms J Bettison Teacher of Science
ABR Mr A Brankin Head of Humanities
NBR Ms N Brooksbank Teacher of Science
LBU Ms L Burrows Acting Director of Curriculum Phase (Y10/11) / Teacher of Maths
LCL Miss L Clements Teacher of English
RCL Ms R Clissitt Teacher of English
SCO Ms S Coates Teacher of English
JCY Mrs J Cowley Teacher of PE
CDA Ms C Day Teacher of Maths
JEL Mrs J Elliot Head of History
OFE Mr O Ferguson Teacher of DT
MFR Mr M Freeman Teacher of Music
CGI Ms C Gibbons Teacher of English
MGR Mr M Graham Teacher of Maths
AHA Miss T Hannam Teacher of Science
SHA Miss S Hasan Director of Curriculum Phase (Y10/11) - Maternity Leave
CHE Ms C Heptinstall Teacher of Humanities
HHU Mr H Hussain Head of Studies - Haternity Leave
YHU Mr Y Hussain Head of Vocational
NIL Miss N Ilyas Teacher of English
WJA Dr W Jackson Teacher of Science
MKA Mrs M Kaur Teacher of English
MKR Miss M Kauser Head of Science - Maternity Leave
MKH Mrs M Khalil Teacher of Maths
NCL Mrs N Kimachia Teacher of MFL
DKI Miss D Kirton Director of Curriculum Phase (Y6/Y7) / Teacher of Vocational
KLI Mr K Lijadu Teacher of MFL
EMA Mrs E Macha Teacher of Science
NMA Mr N Mahmood Head of IT
TMA Miss T Matthew Teacher of Geography
DNo Mr D Noland Teacher of Maths
JRV Mr J Raven Acting Head of Science
ERE Miss E Regan Teacher of History
JSE Mrs J Seng Head of Maths
KSI Miss K Simpson Head of Art / DT
ASU Mr A Sutcliffe Head of PE
JTU Mr J Turner Teacher of Science
EWA Ms E Walsh Teacher of Maths
AWI Mr A Wilkinson Teacher of Humanities
JWO Mr J Woodier Teacher of Maths
VWR Mrs V Wright Director of Curriculum Phase (Y8/9) / Teacher of MFL
SYO Miss S Younis Teacher of Science

Associate Staff

Staff Initials

BAR Mrs B Akhtar Catering Assistant
ANA Mrs A Armstrong Admin Assistant
HBA Mrs H Bartle Higher Level Teaching Assistant
ABH Mrs A Bhatti Education Welfare Officer
DBE Mrs D Braithwaite Cleaning Supervisor
JBR Mr J Breeze Assistant Director of Curriculum Phase (Year 6/7)
TrD Mrs T Deegan Catering Assistant
DFL Mr D Flear DT / Art Technician
CGE Mrs C Gee Catering Assistant / Cleaner
PGR Mr P Grove Data and Examinations Officer
DHA Ms D Hassan Assistant Director of Curriculum Phase (Year 10/11)
GHE Mrs G Hellewell Attendance Officer
SHO Miss S Hodgson Catering Assistant / Cleaner
HeH Mrs H Holmes Head Chef
EIQ Mr E Iqbal Assistant Director of Curriculum Phase (Year 8/9)
ZJA Mrs Z Jabeen EAL Assistant
SKA Mrs S Kausar Cover Supervisor
SKH Mrs S Khan Attendance Officer
GKI Miss G Kirpicenoka EAL Assistant
WaL Miss E Lo Cleaner
WLO Mr W Lo Cleaner
MLO Mrs M Longstaff Teaching Assistant
YMA Mr Y Martin Catering Manager
DMA Mr D Mason TAP Manager
NMC Mrs N McQuade Catering Assistant / Cleaner
EME Mr E Mensah Higher Level Teaching Assistant
TMI Miss T Miah Teaching Assistant
SMR Mrs S Morgan Admin Assistant
LNE Ms L Needham DT / Art Technician
SOX Mrs S Oxley IT Technician
ZPA Miss Z Pandor Recptionist
JRE Ms J Reid Librarian
JSH Mrs J Shinn Cleaner
ESM Ms E Smith Teaching Assistant
DSZ Mrs D Szulc Catering Assistant / Cleaner
CVA Mrs C Vaughan Office Manager
JWN Mrs J Wilkinson Cleaner
KYO Mrs K Young Admin Assistant