Covid-19 Testing - January 2022

When we return in January 2022 families will be provided with the opportunity to participate in lateral flow testing.

  • We have a team of trained staff ready to oversee student self-testing in school.
  • All Year 7-11 students will be offered tests for COVID-19 on their return, using ‘lateral flow tests’.
  • It is not compulsory to take these tests, but the Government’s health advice is that effective testing helps stop the virus spreading, particularly asymptomatically in the community.
  • Lateral flow testing means students with no symptoms can be identified swiftly.
  • We would appreciate full support for the testing as we believe it is key to reducing spread during the coming months.
  • If you give consent to testing in the first two weeks, going forward you will be provided by us with home testing kits.
  • Students whose families have given consent will be tested by trained staff in school
  • We will communicate the arrangements for testing once we have confirmed numbers.

We are asking all families to complete this form to indicate if you consent to your child participating or not.

Please complete this form below by Monday 13 December 2022 to allow us time to prepare for testing.

Below is a video which explains how to administer the Lateral Flow Self Tests at home and also explains how we will conduct the Lateral Flow Testing in school.

Lateral Flow Testing In School

Lateral Flow Testing At Home

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